These 3 sets of icons were entered into the Alamo Colleges "Values" contest.

I chose a different style for each set of icons.

A postcard for the great Lone Star State that I created in my Computer Illustration class.

A logo I created for a fictional awards ceremony for my Digital Illustration course.

A postcard I created for the city of San Antonio in my Computer Illustration course.

A folding booklet I designed for my Digital Imaging course.

A logo I created for a real company in my Communication Design class.

I began with creating a logo/ identity for the restaurant.

For an assignment in my Design Communication course, I was tasked with designing a new menu for a fictional restaurant. I chose to craft a restaurant concept around Michelin Star chef Marco Pierre White.

After deciding the concept, the restaurant's atmosphere, and the type of food the restaurant would serve, I designed the menu.

I then created a working website with multiple pages complete with a menu selection and detailed information regarding the restaurant.

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